Encouragement for the Day

by Richard Rose 4. September 2012 03:57

As we move into another Fall season of Church activities and programs, I am excited to watch God work in our hearts and lives. At times we may feel as if our lives aren't making a difference, but it it good to be reminded that by investing in people and programs with a view of introducing them to Christ or helping them to understand Him better is no small matter. As Christ followers we have a head start on those who have not yet come to understand events within a biblical world view. The more time we spend praying, studying His Word, fellowshipping and learning in church, etc., the better prepared we are to answer the questions people may ask us.

Not too long ago I was asked what happens to people when they die. That is a great question and it allowed me to talk about God's promise of eternal life to those who will follow Him in relationship and obedience. It also gave me the opportunity to speak about those who chose not to: the Bible proclaims that they will be eternally separated from God and that will include conscious suffering. Knowing the Bible allows us to speak with compassion and authority to issues that concern people.

Thanks for being involved and may I encourage you to continue on the path of following Jesus and leading others.